The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is gloomy, vague, silent figure. He looks like this because he has nothing pleasant to show Scrooge. Death, betrayal, the joy of people for his death— all this affects and heals the soul of the hero at the same time.

The most terrible test was made for Scrooge by a third ghost—the ghost of the future of Christmas. He leads Scrooge into someone else dwelling. Everything is so familiar there because it's his own apartment, his own bed, where someone insensible lies on it. Scrooge hears someone talking about the deceased, that is, about him—and people do not say anything good about Scrooge. He sees his grave at the cemetery. His name is written on the grave plate. Depraved from despair, a man grabs the ghostly arm and asks him for mercy. Scrooge continues to ask mercy, he tries to keep the Ghost, but he repels and disappears. Scrooge is awakening. He wants to change his life as fast as possible.

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows the death of Ebenezer. Scrooge understands that after his death nobody will remember him with a good word, because during his life he was a bad person. When Tiny Tim also died, this became a real tragedy for the whole family. His relatives will remember him all his life, and after the death of the Scrooge, the maid will take his clothes—and nothing more.

Scrooge was alive physically, but dead morally, but after rethinking the values, he revived his once living soul and began to do good deeds, before he was alien to him. And the fact that this happens on the eve of Christmas and New Year is doubly symbolic since these holidays symbolize renewal and the birth of a new one.

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