The Lawyer

An elderly lawyer who has his own office deals with the financial affairs of his wealthy clients has a certain weight, and social significance pays his salary and does not drive out Bartleby for daring him and refusing to carry out the affairs assigned to him. Everything seems to be subject to some mysterious force that does not allow to change anything. It seems that all the heroes of this work are part of a common mechanism. Without one there would be no other, they mutually complement and balance each other.

Noteworthy is the fact that before you start talking about the scribe Bartleby, the narrator first considers it necessary to say a few words about himself, his employees, business, office and all his surroundings. The narrator explains "... Without such a description, the main character of my story may be completely incomprehensible."

The complex and tense relationship between Bartleby and the lawyer reflects Germany's relationship with Mellillus and his father-in-law, who was also a lawyer and financially supported the family of the writer while he continued to write, instead of finding a job

The whole story narrative is an attempt by the lawyer to "decipher" his subordinate. In his attempts, he goes through various emotional stages in his attitude to Bartleby - from the excitement and desire to get rid of this bizarre worker to compassion and the desire to take him to his home. All of these emotions are bathed on the absolute indifference and intransigence of Bartleby. The broad spectrum of the lawyer's spectrum is significant. Initially, the owner of the firm is guided by pragmatic considerations - Bartleby refuses to rewrite documents, flushes the benefits of business and needs to be corrected.

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The Lawyer in the Essays