The Narrator (Ethan Frome)

Appears to be an engineer. He comes to Starkfield for work but gets interested in the story of Ethan. He is a nosy, curious person, indecent and straightforward. He isn't ashamed to go around and ask everybody about Ethan’s life. However, citizens are in no hurry to share with a stranger the details of a mysterious incident that crippled the lives of several people at once. Here comes the case of a blizzard, which allowed the narrator to hire Ethan as a cab driver and even spend the evening and night in his house, finally plunging into the story presented to the reader’s court.

The narrator gives us only facts. He never actually met Zenobia or Mattie. However, the opinions of the narrator color the entire story. He creates a dramatic but realistic story.

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The Narrator (Ethan Frome) in the Essays