The Nun’s Priest

For a story in which the main characters are farmed animals, The Tale of the Priests of the Monks by Canterbury's Tale Jeffrey Chaucer offers insights on various topics including economic status, dream analysis and moral behavior to create an interesting story. In this lesson, we will discuss some of them.

The expectations of the priest to tell a good story are high, especially since the previous narrator was not very good. The host of the group going to Canterbury realizes that he misses us all to death. On the positive side, things cannot go much deeper. The priest has the opportunity to cheer everyone up by simply telling a more interesting story. “The story of the priest of the nuns” is a success and unusual praise.

The priest is praised not only for his ability to spin the yarn, but also for his physique. The owner notes at the end of the priest's story the “muscles of this magnificent priest,” and he continues to talk about his eyes, the complexion, and other physical qualities. The Story of a Monastic Priest did a lot to lift everyone’s spirit. The excitement of this story leads to unusual praise. He asks for the blessings and the eggs of your priest to be blessed. In fact, to make such praise, it must have been an extensive story, although the tale does not seem to inspire today's standards, like the offer of the owner!

In short, the old woman lives on a piece of land and leads a simple life. Her bed and living room were smoked. She also eats little. In fact, he seems to be on the edge of the poverty line. But when it comes to the cock, the Chanticleer, he lives life. Everything about the rooster is clean, neat and of the highest quality, especially his voice. All the chickens are in love with him, but only Pertelote has his heart. She is the love of his life.

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