Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim is a minor character of the carol. He is the crippled son of Bob Cratchit; he can be seen sitting on his father’s shoulder or struggling along with his crutch. But far from being a symbol of suffering, Tim is the merriest, bravest character of all, always reminding others of the spirit of Christmas. The thought of Tiny Tim’s death and its confirmation in the vision of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, fill Scrooge with regret.

In the New Year, a person is dreaming of starting a new life; the life without no mistakes, no troubles; life that will be different: benevolent, calm, honest, where people live according to Christian morality. And what's most important: dreaming about the future, we spontaneously pronounce the word "good."

Tiny Tim gave that promise to himself; promise about the good attitude to people according to any conditions. He gave the main characters the lessons of kindness and mercy. The charming meeting that took place on the night before Christmas has changed the worldview of the main character, Scrooge, and he began to relate differently to the life and surrounding people. And the holidays were not "a waste of time" for him, but a great opportunity to do something pleasant.

The character represents the anthem for the glory of Christmas, "the days of mercy, kindness, and forgiveness ... the only days in the whole calendar, when people, with the tacit consent, reveal to each other the hearts and see their neighbors”.

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