Travis Younger

Travis Younger is presented to the audience as a spoiled child who always gets what he wants with any price. Thus, in the very first episode of the play, he manages to force his father to give him some insufficient amount of money, even despite the fact that his mother refuses to do it because of the lack of funds. Because of his grandmother known as Mama, who provides the boy with anything he only thinks of, Travis has learned how to manipulate people in order to get profit. Despite this negative feature, he is a good and grateful child that is raised up in a house full of love and understanding. In this way, it is possible to say that Travis has a happy childhood as he has lovely parents and a grandmother and many friends who give him lots of warmth and protection. 

From the early ages, this boy is smart enough to survive in the ghetto neighborhood and get the respect of “street” children. Therefore, it is not a surprise that he asks for permission to earn his first money at the local supermarket, in this way, showing that he cares about his family a lot. 

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