Turnus was the King of the Rutuli in Roman mythology. The chief antagonist of the hero Aeneas., killed by him in a duel after stubborn battles.

The central figures of the second part of the Aeneid are Aeneas and the king of the Rutuli of Turnus. Both images are positive, both of them are valiant and beautiful. Turns is handsome, bold and young, the poet compares him with a tiger, a lion, a horse, a bull, a falling stone, Boreas and Mars, he has the prowess inherent in the Italians. Turnus says that only the one who prefers death is worthy of glory, not to see the enemies seizing the native land. It is not his fault that the gods direct him to a false goal, but he himself cannot understand the false predestination of good and evil. Aeneas in the image of Virgil surpasses all heroes by piety. In a fight, he speaks only out of necessity, constantly offers the Italians a peaceful solution to the dispute. Virgil gives Aeneas humanity, spiritual majesty, justice. Both heroes of the Aeneid (Aeneas and Turnus) deserve respect. However, one is destined to be victorious, and the other to be defeated: such is the will of the gods, as fate and fate dispose of. The victory over Turnus did not cause the joy of victory at Aeneas.

Virgil gives in the Aeneid a long and stately description of the last duel of Turnus and Aeneas. Throwing spears at each other, Aeneas and Turnus began to beat with swords. Tunus's sword scattered from a blow to the wonderful armor forged for Aeneas Vulcan, and the spear of Aeneas so deeply entered the olive tree that the hero himself could not pull him out until his mother, Venus, helped him again.

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