Vivian Baptiste

Vivian Baptiste similar to Grant is a teacher. However, she works in a better school with more comfort and space. This school has different rooms for children with different learning levels. Vivian’s position is much nicer than Grant’s one in the plantation school. However, her life is not easy and untroubled. The woman lives with her children separately from their father, with whom she has the intention to divorce. We can meet some situation that shows Vivian’s scandal character.

Readers have the right to blame Vivian for her irresponsible behavior watching how she leaves her kids and meets with her boyfriends. However, this woman has lots of reasons to receive sympathy. She is different from the people around her, and this fact gives her lots of complications. Vivian differs physically as her skin is not so dark and the black people automatically accept her as another person from the better class. She can’t properly fit the society as she does not look like them. After her marrying, Vivian family stopped communicating with her and ignored the girl. Consequently, the woman lost all the tights and her position in the society was much complicated.

Vivian is the one, who helps Grant to find himself and to understand his position. She helps him to recognize that he can’t move away even if this desire is really strong. The woman shows him how devoted he is to his community and what responsibility they have as teachers.

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