Vladimir, also known as Mr. Albert or Didi, is the lead character of the play Waiting for Godot created by famous Irish novelist and playwright Samuel Beckett. He is described by the author as a man with exceptional intellectual capacity, who is full of optimistic thoughts. As a matter of fact, Vladimir is a representation of the conceptual and logical side of two central characters, that are completely different from each other. Many years ago, this man was a theorist and a thinker, that is why he is full of passion for discussions, prolonged thinking, and continuous remarks, and efforts to argue with Estragon on various themes related to philosophy and religion. This character is one of those, who are deeply concerned with physical appearance and often gives the evaluation of the behavior of different people. Vladimir is full of contradictions: he always carries some food in his numerous pockets for the others; nonetheless, he never eats it himself. In addition, he traditionally wears his special bowler hat; in spite of that, Vladimir usually states that it makes him feel uncomfortable. It is possible to say that this hat is a representation of the high status of the character and his theoretical opportunities. 

Regardless of the passionate temperament of his exceptional character, there is the other side of Vladimir. This man had chaotic sexual connections in the past. As a result, he tends to suffer from unbearable pain caused by venereal disease and unpredictable emotional tics. Moreover, this intellectual has a large scar on his soul and claims that he hates to dream as dreams are nothing but false hopes that make people believe in a better future.

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