Walter Lee Younger

Walter Lee Younger is the main character of the play A Raisin in the Sun that is a large and well-developed life story of this person that is also known as “Brother.” As well as many other young individuals in America, the fellow is full of passion and ambitions to follow his dreams and implement them into the real life. He bursts with energy and is desperate in his lifelong fight with poverty, various prejudices, and injustice in general. Younger sincerely believes that his future is in his own hands and struggles to solve a great range of his financial and social issues with the implementation of a successful business project. With the help of this business, he expects his life to change significantly in a better way, providing a young man with all the things and opportunities he could ever need. In this way, the business project is believed to make people respect Younger, improve his social position, and gain the ticket to the world full of money and luxury things. 

Nonetheless, despite all the struggles and a great desire to become a businessman, it appears that the protagonist has no entrepreneurial skills to make his dreams come true. He experiences a considerable lack of entrepreneurial skills and can not succeed in business. In addition, he experiences a lack of education and can not support the conversation with people on different subjects. One of these conversations is related to Prometheus, and Younger have no idea who this man is. Thus, this character may be interpreted as a protagonist because the young man, as well as Prometheus, is chained with difficulties that poison his life. In order to feel the relief, Walter starts drinking alcohol and do unreasonable things, spoiling his life and relations with close people. 

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