Mr. Boldwood is a 40 years old man, a holder of the estate in Weatherbury, who is considered to be an almost aristocratic person among residents in this remote place. He is a prosperous landowner and a mature perspective bachelor. Mr. Boldwood has a passion for collecting and making gifts. He is ready to put the whole world under the feet of the object of desire.

Boldwood's life was fairly ordinary, but he was far from an ordinary man. In this imperturbable serenity, manifested in his character, and in his manner of holding himself, which primarily affected anyone who looked him from the side, there was something very similar to the consternation of a devastated soul, but perhaps it was a rare state of balance of opposing forces hidden in him — positive and negative. But as soon as the balance was broken, he immediately went to extremes. The feeling either dominated him or did not manifest at all.

Boldwood, in spite of his age, never looked at any woman with an attentive, insightful look; as they were always out of focus for him and did not touch any of his feelings. Women for Boldwood were like a phenomenon. Perhaps, it was connected with the tragedy of unhappy love, since once the beloved woman has left him. That is why he becomes withdrawn.

He was a calm, prudent, mysterious man until he was infected with love fever. The girl gives him hope, while sends him frivolous valentine letter with the words “Marry me.” Boldwood takes the joke seriously, and he immediately begins to persevere Everdene, trying to entice her with wealth, gradually losing his mind. Bathsheba does not love him but rejoices in this state of affairs because he is the most distinguished bachelor in the neighborhood. However, she does not respond to his proposal, and this is a tragedy for Boldwood. This unfortunate man is an example of how love can destroy a good person who lacks inner strength.

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