Willy Harris

Willy Harris is a minor character in the play who is never met by the audience. The readers do not see him but know about him a lot of different facts. Usually, these facts, as well as other pieces of information, are presented by the other characters of the play, creating the general image of Willy Harris. Feeling disrespect to Bobo and Walter, he leaves with their money, being clearly aware of the fact that he robs people who are poor. 

Willy Harris appears to be the smartest man in their band as he knows that their business idea is good for nothing. He understands that the liquor store would not make them rich and makes a decision to gain money by letting down his business partners. The poverty forces this man to think of the easiest way to gain money, and he steals them and runs away. Unlike Bobo or Walter, Willy would never give his funds to some other person and considers his business partners to be fools. Because this person is not religious and has no particular moral principles, the opportunity of robbing his friends seems to be a great way to gain some money and improve his financial situation. 

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Willy Harris in the Essays