Zenobia (Zeena) Frome

A woman older than her husband, Ethan. She looked after his mother. After the death of the mother, Ethan married Zenobia, most likely out of pity. She appears to be a skinny woman with an unhealthy, pale face and fake teeth.

She is taciturn, always dissatisfied and looking for pseudo-illness. A woman of domination and unkindness. She suppresses her husband in everything; she is simply a house tyrant. Zenobia manipulates her husband with the help of her illness. On the other hand, she is completely egoistic and negative. Zeena kicks out Mattie knowing that she has nowhere to go. Zenobia is a silent, reserved, and perceptive person. She is always unhappy and boring.

However, we see her need to care for others. She carried the mother of her husband. Besides, she invited Mattie to live with them because of Mattie’s financial problems. At the end of the narration, she takes care of Mattie after the accident. And this lasts for about twenty years. Zenobia can’t choose who is she - a patient or a nurse. She is both - whining person who wants everyone to feel sorry for her, and she is a woman who always helps others, cares for other people with health problems.

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