Racial injustice theme in To Kill A Mockingbird

Harper Lee, writes about racial injustice. This book shows how racism is just a way for people to feel better about their flaws. This theme mostly represents one family in particular, the Ewells. Bob Ewell wants to feel better about himself so he accuses a man of raping his daughter Mayella.

However, Mayella isn’t all that innocent. Bob Ewell is an alcoholic and immediately accused Tom Robinson of raping his daughter to feel better about himself.(Pg 241) Bob Ewell and Mayella Ewell’s racial injustice towards Tom Robinson helped Mr.Ewell feel better about himself. Bob Ewell knows that the jury will want to convict Tom Robinson because he’s African American and in 1965 African Americans still weren’t trusted.

Bob Ewell also beats his daughter for trying to seduce a black man. Atticus Finch, who represents Robinson, figures out that Tom Robinson couldn’t of raped and beaten Mayella because he was in an accident when he was little and he was right handed. However, Bob Ewell was left handed and Mayella’s bruises were on the right side of her body. Mayella Ewell wants to protect her father by lying about the court case. Mayella Ewell didn’t get a whole lot of attention or love so she tried to seduce Tom Robinson. She immediately says that Tom Robinson had raped and beaten her. Her father, Bob Ewell, was looking through a

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