Alas Babylon Mapping

Every building still stood, no brick had been displaced, yet all was altered, especially the people. ' How does society build walls to ensure no one sees their human sides? Define the human condition. It was strange, she thought, peddling steadily, that it should require a holocaust to make her own life worth living. ' Why do we need tragedy to feel worth? Survival of the fittest Racism Human condition irony Symbolism Bees Future generations- pollinating to provide a future for its race '... This is only nature's way of protecting the race. Nature is providing Darning's Law of Natural Selection. The defective bee, unable to cope with its environment, is rejected by nature at birth. I think this will be true of man. It is said that nature is cruel.

I don't think so. Nature is just, and even merciful. By natural selection, nature will attempt to undo what man has done. ' Complacency- 'Nations are like rich people. When they grow old and rich and fat, they get conservative. ' Myopic Concentration- 'They exhaust their energy trying to keep things the way they are- and that's against nature. ' Censorship- 'Censorship and thought control can exist only in secrecy and darkness. ' Allusions to Bible- 'Alas, Babylon' 'If a man retained faith in God, he might also retain faith in man. 'Lying was the worst crime, the indispensable accomplice of all others, and would always bring the worst punishment. ' Good Samaritan- 'When there was an accident, and someone was hurt, a man stopped. ' wreath was yesterday. ' 'Today, a man saved himself and his family and to hell with everything else. ' 'With the use of the hydrogen bomb, the Christian era was dead, and with it must die the tradition of the Good Samaritan. ' At the end of the unit students will KNOW: ; The different literary elements (conflict, character, plot) ; Implication and inference ; Themes ; Setting contributions ; Figurative language

Students will be able to demonstrate this knowledge by DOING: ; Drawing a plot diagram of the action of the novel BUY - Elder - 2009 ; Defining and illustrating inferences though evidence in the novel ; Predict the outcome of the novel ; Compare this novel's fears of the times to our world today ; Interpret characters' personalities through textual evidence ; Examine other texts and their interest in current audience ;

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