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Alas, Babylon: A Novel about Survival, Civil Defense and Cold War

After reading ““Alas, Babylon”” and upon reviewing the history of 1940 to 1960, I believe that the author, Pat Frank, reveals some of his personal perceptions in life as presented in the novel. He expressed these in the story as depicted in the beliefs and actions of Randy...

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Novel Alas Babylon, written by Pat Frank

“Some nations and some people melt in the heat of crisis and come apart like fat in a pan. Others meet the challenges and harden. I think you’re going to harden” (Frank 132). In the novel Alas Babylon, written by Pat Frank, Randy Bragg’s character changes after the tragedy...

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Alas Babylon Characterization

He was known as the 'drunk bum' before the attack, and now that he has stepped up, he is the 'go - to guy' in the town. He is becoming more of a father figure to Ben Franklin and Peyote. He would do anything for his family now. Not only his family, though, his whole community. He...

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Alas Babylon Annotated Reading

From that statement on, the story develops into an exploration of the harsh realities of a nuclear attack on the United States. Beginning with the preparations made by the few who are aware of what is to come and the limited number of people they permit themselves to alert, Frank keeps the...

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Alas Babylon Mapping

Every building still stood, no brick had been displaced, yet all was altered, especially the people. ' How does society build walls to ensure no one sees their human sides? Define the human condition. It was strange, she thought, peddling steadily, that it should require a holocaust to make...

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Alas babylon essay

?Occasionally people do not think the unexpected could happen. Life can change people in many ways. These changes can be small or big. In the novel, Alas Babylon, Pat Frank shows how people can change at the same time their society changes. He demonstrates how change affects people using the...

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Alas Babylon

Ryan Boler Ms. Casey American Literature, 3rd period 22 September 2014 Alas, Babylon Lit Analysis Randy Braggs, of course being human, has his own personal desires and wants just like everyone else. He is believed to be the protagonist of the book. He used to live a laid back lifestyle. But ever...

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Alas Babylon Characterization

Madison Clark Mrs. Madrigal September 6th, 2011 4th Period Randy Bragg * “All the way to town, she kept thinking of Randy. Who would ever guess that he was a deviate with a compulsion to watch women dress and undress? He ought to be arrested. But if she told the sheriff, or anybody, they would...

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Alas Babylon

Road have to work together for the survival of everyone. Many people find little things that they would usually take for granite to be of a lot more value to them. Franks quote, "We're all going to learn how to walk again. "(Frank 32) shows that he understands the task ahead of them. There were...

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Alas Babylon Report

The second book I decided to read this summer was Alas Babylon. Have you ever looked at a book and thought that it was not going to hold your attention very long? I thought the same about this book until I began to read it and it has turned out to have an interesting plot. The setting of this book...

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Novel Alas Babylon, written by Pat Frank

Money is useless and no longer valuable. These new conditions cause Randy to be more responsible. For instance, Randy says, "Easy, Peyote, honey! Easy! Stop rubbing your eyes. Keep your eyes closed" (Frank 95). Randy is giving Peyote instructions after the bomb blew up causing many bright colors...

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Alas babylon essay

After 'the day', Randy had to be smarter and find ways for himself and everyone around him to survive. When the town's water became contaminated, he connected water pipes to all the neighbors' homes (151). He also noticed his neighbors live stocks and crops were missing day by day. No one knew...

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Alas Babylon

Throughout the book Randy struggles with passion that he had of his old epistyle before the nuclear holocaust and the responsibilities that he as to fulfill now being that Martial Law has been put in place. Ever since the day you can tell Randy Bragg has been struggling with his passions. He went...

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Alas Babylon

After threatening many times, the Soviet Union has nuclear bombed the United States, but what exactly does that mean? First of all, nuclear power is an electric or motive power generated by a nuclear reactor. Nuclear power has the ability to generate electricity for a whole population, or when...

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Alas, Babylon Quotes with Page Number

“I love you. I worry about you. I wonder whether I tell you enough how I love you and want you and need you and how I am diminished . . . when you are not with me and how I am multiplied when you are here.” — Page 86 — “If Man retained faith in God, he might also retain faith in Man.” — — “'Legs...

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