Medical Education

A king was once asked what would he give if he were unable to release the waste of a glass of water from his body. The reply was simple: “I would give half of my kingdom”. My personal experience made me realize that health, not just one’s own, is the most valuable asset a man can own in this world. As I learned more and more about the human body, I became equally curious. It really amazes me how such a small mass of human body holds deepest secrets of nature. This curiosity of mine and zest to study medicine was self-borne and is propagating with time. 

All specialties of medicine are equally interesting but I find internal medicine more intriguing and in accordance with my personality. I chose it during the final year of my graduation after I had thoroughly explored all other fields. The thing I find attractive about it is the intricate process of thought that takes into account all the tiny details about multiple body systems while treating a specific condition.

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This not only requires energy but also compassion that ultimately leads to higher and higher levels of intellect. My source of inspiration was my mentor whose depth of knowledge, the expertise of clinical skills and method of dealing based on etiology and prevalence of a particular condition really impressed me and made this decision easy for me.   

The most rewarding point for me is the interactions with patients. They are more than the set of symptoms; they are real human beings with a story to tell that molded them into what they are now. There was this high school diabetic patient with a logbook that had a record of about three months of blood sugar levels, mostly four times a day.

She expressed a desire for living long and healthy without any complications of the disease and expressed her difficulty with compliance during school hours and how painful was it to check sugar levels. One patient presenting to us with heart failure was a 22 years old female that had undergone total thyroidectomy a few months back. She was diagnosed with Hypo-calcemic Cardiomyopathy. She was really disappointed in life and just wanted it to end. In short, the job is not just to treat symptoms but to treat the human being as a whole. 

Hamad Medical Centre, Qatar is one of the few institutes in the whole World which meets all standards of quality and excellence as evidenced by accreditation by Joint Commission International, ACGME International LCC and many more. In terms of facilities everything from ambulances, buildings, equipment to manpower meet all standards for providing “safest, most effective and compassionate care”. 

With more than 90 nationalities working for it, HMC may be regarded as the most diverse program. Moreover, its innovative and research promoting approach, with ‘The Chronic Ventilated Weaning program’ and Home Monitoring of Cardiac Implantable Devices as few examples, distinguishes it from the rest of programs.  

 My active participation in both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities has shaped me into a person who can work efficiently with all kinds of people under all kinds of circumstances. Furthermore, organizing various events as a chief organizer has instilled in me a great sense of leadership, teamwork, responsibility, and organization. I believe that I have the required set of skill to make a competent physician who will live up to all expectations.

As a physician, I am well aware of the importance of working with colleagues for the greater benefit of patients both at individual and community level. I am looking for a program that will not only help me achieve my goals and develop skills as a doctor but also make me a better human being as a whole and HMC, no doubt, is the right choice. Thank you for your kind consideration. Hoping to get a positive response.

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