Medicine Study Guide

Medicine Study Guide

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Origanum Vulgare

Introduction Origanum vulgare is commonly called as Oregano is an aromatic herbaceous perennial shrub grown in dry grassland, road verges, and quarries. It is natively grown in Western and Southwestern Eurasia, and in the Mediterranean regions. The fresh and dried leaves as well as oregano...

Alternative Medicine

There is unprecedented demand for natural drugs, green health products, pharmaceuticals, nutrition supplements, cosmetics, and herbal pesticides, which is bringing about this alarming loss of plant biodiversity. It is valued that 70-80% of people worldwide rely mainly on traditional, largely...

Medical Education

A king was once asked what would he give if he were unable to release the waste of a glass of water from his body. The reply was simple: “I would give half of my kingdom”. My personal experience made me realize that health, not just one’s own, is the most valuable asset a man can...

Water Birth

1. Have you ever heard that a mother gives birth in the water at her home without going to hospital? Are you still thinking that there is no option for the pregnant women delivery baby other than a bed birth?  a. Water birth is a process of giving birth in a pool of warm water. b. It breaks...

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