Poseidon in the “Odyssey”

A long time ago people believed that gods ruled the world. Each god was responsible for a certain element of nature, and all those gods are described in the well-known “Odyssey.” In this article, we’ll provide you with the way Poseidon was described in the poem.

Poseidon was attributed to the restless and violent, like his element, he was depicted with disheveled hair with a ferocious and wicked view. The symbols of Poseidon and its integral attributes were a trident, horse, bull, and dolphin. The horses were a symbol of turbulent and rapid waters, the black bull that fell into the cult of the earth's vibrator embodied the strength and fury of water currents. 

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He shows his anger to Odyssey, to be convinced of his strength, to humble a man and make him grateful for the mercy of the given life. God is vain and requires reinforcement all the time. It's boring for him to live forever, without playing, tallying and pampering. Humans for him are like dolls, he will shave a boat on the waves, over the abysses till that’s interesting when he gets bored, he will feed crew to the inhabitants of the sea or throw them ashore, that's his regular will. 

In the poem, Poseidon is mentioned in the fight with the main hero. Odyssey with 12 companions got into the cave of the cannibal of the Polyphemus of the Cyclops, from where he and his surviving comrades barely managed to escape, watering Polyphemus with wine and blinded him. Since then, the father of Polyphemus, Poseidon, pursued Odyssey. On the island of Aeolus Odyssey received a tied sack with all the winds from the god of the winds, except a passing one, which domiciled the ship almost to Ithaca. However, his companions untied the sack, and the free winds drove the ships into the open sea, to the land of cannibals Lestrigon. The Lestrigons drowned all the ships with huge stones, except the one, on which Odyssey reached the island of Eey, where the sorceress of Kirk turned some of Odyssey's companions into pigs, and only through the help of Hermes he managed to restore the human appearance to them. 

The god of the seas enjoyed of causing storms. The strength and energy of his blood demanded a way out - and now huge waves are rising with a crushing force to the shore. There is big trouble for the ship, which is in the sea when Poseidon wants to have fun. Sea Lord sees nobody and nothing around himself, admiring the white crests of the wave, listening to their roar. After plenty of playing, he shook his element with a wave of the trident. Poseidon, like other gods, is quite a vindictive subject. However, his anger is justified when he sends monsters or kills heroes in the depths of his seas acceptable to other gods.


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