Essay Example on Dante Divine Comedy

The doctrine of death in different religions is different. But most religions are very similar in some ways. They teach that after death, the invisible part of man continues to live. We can’t know it is a true or not, we can just guess.

In the "Divine Comedy" Dante undertakes a journey through these three worlds. The shadow of the ancient poet Virgil (personification of human reason and philosophy) is Dante when he vainly tries to get out of a dense forest where he has lost his way. The way says that the poet must follow a different path and that, on behalf of the deceased beloved Dante, Beatrice, who will lead him through Hell and Purgatory to the home of the blessed, through which more worthy soul will lead him.

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Their journey goes, at first, through Hell with the appearance of a funnel, the end of which rests against the center of the Earth. There are nine concentric circles in the form of steps on the walls stretch. The souls of condemned sinners are found in these steps. On the eve of Hell, the souls of "indifferent" dwell, that are those, who lived life on Earth without glory and shame. In the first round, there are the heroes of ancient times, who lived immaculately but died without receiving baptism. The next steps are devoted to the degrees of crime and punishment: sweethearts, gluttony, miser and squanderers, angry and vindictive, Epicureans and heretics, rapists, liars and deceivers, traitors to the fatherland, relatives, friends, and benefactors. In the center of the earth, located the lord of the hellish realm, Diet or Lucifer - the principle of evil.

Rising on his body, and having passed the other hemisphere, the travelers reach the opposite side of the globe, where the mountain of Purgatory rises from the ocean. They are met by Cato Utica on the shore, the guardian of this kingdom. Mount Purgatory has the appearance of a steel body with a cut off the top and is divided into seven terraces, which are connected by narrow staircases; angels protect access to them; on these terraces are the souls of penitents.

Finally, he reaches a paradise. This kingdom consists of 10 prisoners in each other hollow, transparent celestial spheres surrounding the Earth - the center of the universe. Beatrice, after accompanying the poet throughout Paradise, abandons him and instructs Saint Bernard, with the assistance of which the poet is rewarded with seeing the deity who is in him in a mystical vision.

The comedy is very exciting and makes us reflect on the essence of our lives. Nobody knows what will happen right after death. We can only guess and Dante has offered his idea, which can be possible and true.

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