The Great Gatsby Literary Essay

In The Great Gatsby, a classic novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nick Caraway is in love with Jordan Baker, George Wilson is in love with Myrtle Wilson and Jay Gatsby is in love with Daisy Buchanan. Regrettably, all of these women are unworthy of the love and affection bestowed upon them by these men. Throughout the course if this essay, the love between these individuals will be analyses and the reasons why these women are unworthy will be highlighted. Nick Caraway is initially introduced to Jordan Baker by his cousin, Daisy Buchanan, when he goes to their house for dinner.

Jordan immediately presents herself as aloof, and makes Nick feel uncomfortable. This is portrayed by his statement: '- indeed, I was almost surprised into murmuring an apology for having disturbed her by coming in. ' Nevertheless, as the evening progresses, Nick finds himself becoming drawn towards her. This occurs despite the fact that when he identifies who she is, he instantaneously remembers an unpleasant event associated with her name. As the novel progresses, their relationship develops to the point that Nick believes himself to be in love with Jordan.

Jordan and Nick, however, have vastly different personalities and moral values. Nick is a thoughtful, honest individual who is concerned with the well-being of others whereas Jordan is selfish and careless and has no concern about matters which do not affect her directly. Her carelessness is clearly indicated when she states: 'It takes two to make an accident' and her dishonesty is evident from the fact that she cheated in her first golf tournament. From this point onwards, it becomes clear that Jordan is not worthy of Nicks love and affection.

For example, she is upset with him hen he simply wants to return home after they learn of Myrtle's death. This clearly highlights Nicks compassion and her pure selfishness. Furthermore, when Nick finally breaks off their relationship, Jordan reveals that she has in fact been engaged to another man throughout the entire course of their relationship. This is another reflection of her dishonesty. George and Myrtle Wilson are married to one another and reside above an automotive garage in the Valley of Ashes. George is completely and utterly blinded by his love for Myrtle, and everything that he does is to try and benefit her.

Myrtle, however, has no respect for her husband, and engages in an affair with Tom Buchanan. Even though the relationship between her and Tom is public knowledge, George remains unaware of it for most of the novel, and even when he learns of it, he still loves Myrtle and believes the affair to be his own fault. He even blames himself for her death, and eventually kills Gatsby and himself as a result. Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan first met almost five years prior to the novel, when they were both merely teenagers. During this period, they had a whirlwind romance which ended when Gatsby was sent off to fight in the war.

After his departure, Daisy finds new love and marries Tom Buchanan, but Gatsby remains obsessed with Daisy. He spends the next five years of his life keeping tabs on Daisy and constructs a plan to rekindle their romance. He collects newspaper clippings about her, he buys a house across the bay from her and he throws extravagant parties in the hopes that she might stroll in one day. When this is unsuccessful he enlists the help of Jordan and Nick, and they eventually begin to have an affair. Gatsby, however, is so obsessed wit n his love tot Daisy that nee tails to notice near imperfections.

Where Gatsby is strong and takes responsibility for his actions and decisions, Daisy is weak and unable to make any decisions of her own. She, however, takes advantage of the fact that Gatsby is willing to do anything for her, and convinces him to take responsibility for Myrtle's death, which she caused! Gatsby is so blinded by his love for her that he does not even realism that he is being manipulated. For example when questioned by Nick as to whether or not Daisy was driving when the accident causing Myrtle's death occurred, Gatsby responds by saying: miss... But of course I'll say I was.

This lie eventually leads to his death, and Daisy does not even have the decency to attend his funeral. It can therefore be seen that Jordan, Myrtle and Daisy are not the slightest bit worthy of the love of Nick, George and Gatsby respectively. Jordan is dishonest and careless, in complete contrast to Nicks honesty and integrity, and lies to him throughout the entire relationship; Myrtle has no respect for George and never treats him kindly, and indirectly causes his death, whilst Daisy takes advantage of Gatsby love and allows him to take responsibility for her actions, which ultimately leads to his death.

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