A Man for All Seasons Study Guide

A Man for All Seasons Study Guide

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A Man for All Seasons

“A Man for all Seasons” is a play written by an English playwright Robert Bolt. The historical drama of the highest emotional tension tells about great English humanist Thomas More, a statesman, an outstanding lawyer, and philosopher, who gave life for his convictions.

History of Thomas More perhaps the most famous and memorable episode of the relationship between humanist and Reformation. Events take place in England in the 16th century, during the reign of King Henry VIII. The core of the plot is the conflict between King Henry VIII and Lord Chancellor Thomas More, which ends with the fatal death of the second one.

Henry VIII intends to divorce with his wife Catherine of Aragon because of her infertility. To avoid a civil war, he is ready to marry a brother`s widow Anne Boleyn. His courtiers have nothing against this act, as they try to please him by all means, but Lord Chancellor Thomas Moore strongly opposes such affairs. He publicly refuses to take an oath to his overlord as the head of the church. He believes that he should serve to the good of the state and be faithful to the oath, and if the views of the head of state do not coincide with the state interests, the Lord Chancellor must stand them to the end, regardless of the consequences. This period of time carries a lot of changes that, unfortunately, do not go for the benefit of the people, causing disagreements and leading to conflict situations, burning up a Civil war. By treacherous and dishonest means, Cromwell manipulates the court system, stripping More of his title, wealth, and freedom.

The fate of Thomas More is controversial. He entered the national and world history as a humanist, thinker and prominent writer. This play will fall into the soul of the audience, who prefer historical books with deep intellectual content.

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