A Separate Peace characters

Phineas “Finny”

Phineas is Gene’s best friend and classmate at Devon School. Finney is an exceptionally talented athlete and charismatic student leader who deserve respect and admiration of the entire student body. Finney's useless behavior often causes him trouble, but his charming manner saves him...

Gene Forester

Gene Forester is the narrator and the protagonist of the novel. At the opening of the novel, he is a man at the age of thirty who remembers his time as a student at a private educational academy called the Devon School. As a student, he was extremely clever and competed for the Victorian. He was...

Brinker Hadley

In The Common World novel, Mr. Hadley does not write a story in the previous chapter, but he most likely was noticed before the behavior of his son Brinker Hadley. Originally, Brinker's ideas about the war and its place in it are very similar to his father. We see how he reacts to his friend...

Elwin "Leper" Lepellier

In John Knowles’s “The Separated World,” a boy named Leper is actually called Alvin Leper, though his mother calls him in the novel only under her own name. History never explains why he is called Leper, although of course not because he has Leprosies, a disease associated with...

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