Black Boy Study Guide

Black Boy Study Guide

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Black Boy: A Record of Youth and Childhood

Richard Nathaniel Wright is one of the most famous African American writers of the mid-20th century. He became the first black-skinned writer whose books were read by all of America.

“Black Boy” is an autobiographical novel, which tells about author`s childhood. This work gave him the right to be called “the true father of all modern Negro literature.” Richard Nathaniel Wright raises the acute problem of the disadvantaged position of the African-American population. The writer becomes the accuser of all injustices and adversities, which daily fell upon people.

Telling about difficulties of the growing-up black boy Richard, Wright summarized the facts of the reality he knew from childhood, figuratively embodying them on the pages of the work, “created not a memoir of the writer, but a purely artistic work.”

The main character faced with all possible troubles. The father left the family, and they lived in dire poverty. Soon the mother fell ill, and a tough grandmother brought Richard up. From an early age he began to work, and in addition to the pennies he received, white employers insulted and humiliated him. But anyway, Wright does not blame anyone. Richard is not lazy; he is ready to work hard. But he has to live, knowing that if he objects to something to the white man in response to insults, or resist against obvious injustice, he could pay with his life. But in such conditions, the main character does not fall in spirit because he has a dream. Wright, by all means, wants to get an education and gathers money to go to the North, where he will have more opportunities.

The novel reflects a tight situation that has developed in the South of America in the first half of the 20th century. Indeed, the problem of the relationship between whites and blacks occupies a significant place in the history of America. After reading this book, you imbued with the spirit of struggle for the attainment of freedom and respect, which black lacked so much!

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