Bridge to Terabithia Study Guide

Bridge to Terabithia Study Guide

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Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia isn’t an average story for kids. Deeply inspired by “The Chronicles of Narnia” (this book is even directly mentioned in the story), it is more like “The Neverending Story”, because the troubles and worries of the real life are tightly interwoven with the events in the imaginary kingdom of Terabithia.

The story starts from the odd friendship of Leslie Burke - an only child of wealthy family, an intelligent and outgoing tomboy girl - and Jess Aarons, a son of an artist and an outsider of the class, who is bullied and quite jaded and depressed. They develop a bond soon after Leslie enrolls Jess’ school and discover that each of them has internal issues and troubles despite all the bravado they show at school. To escape from the mundane routine and their problems they create a sanctuary of sort - a special place in the woods over the creek they call their magic country, Terabithia. They become the King and the Queen of Terabithia and rule the fairy-tale inhabitants of it.

The story of Terabithia is reflecting the real-life feelings and events of the children: their fight against the bullies, their sudden understanding that bullies aren’t mean just because they were born that way and much more philosophical, adult and even horrifying questions. It is the safe space where children can contain these feelings, the manifestation of their beliefs in something good and wonderful. But can Terabithia withstand the direst loss ever possible?

Bridge to Terabithia is written not only for kids. It is a very adult book in a way. It makes the readers remember how it was to be kids: how the real-life events could be interpreted in a play to make them bearable - and how these plays grew up with us, either disappearing or transforming into something else that helps us survive and preserve ourselves.

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