Hunchback of Notre Dame characters


Perfection is not only her appearance - from small flawless legs to huge dark eyes and lush black hair. Hugo repeatedly emphasizes that when Esmeralda appears, everything lights up with some kind of magical glow. Her soul is also beautiful. It is impossible to imagine that she could deliberately...

Jasque Charmolue

The judge who led the Esmeralda case. A friend of Claude Frollo. He was in charge of torturing people. He was the person who imprisoned Esmeralda.


Gudule or Paquette Guybertaut "la Chantefleurie." She lived her life in mourning. She gave birth to a daughter Agnes which was stolen. And all her life, Gudule believed that Agnes was killed by gypsies. That’s why she lived in isolation; alone with her grief. But her long-lost...