Much Ado About Nothing Study Guide

Much Ado About Nothing Study Guide

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Much Ado About Nothing

Even great literature lovers don’t start their Shakespeare experience with “Much Ado About Nothing”. His other plays, such as “Romeo and Juliette” or “ Othello” are much more typical for the first encounter with the greatest poet of all times. But sooner or later readers come to experience “Much Ado About Nothing” and it instantly becomes their favorite.

The comedy was written approximately in the midst of William’s writing career. It wouldn’t be Shakespeare if he didn’t manage to combine two separate stories into one glorious plot. These are the love relationships between Benedick and Beatrice, as well as Claudio and Hero.

The story opens with Don Pedro visiting his friend governor of Messina. He helps a young officer demonstrate his feelings towards the daughter of the governor and induces him to propose. In the process, we start to wonder who is actually courting the girl – Claudio or Pedro, as their actions are influenced by one another and there’s quite a bit of manipulation going on.

The other officer whose name is Benedick is doing his best to conceal his feelings for the girl he loves. They fight with each other and promise never to marry at all. With a help of faithful friends they hear about the feeling of the other person and are no longer scared to admit to their own feelings.

It wouldn’t be Shakespeare if there weren’t some revenge, fight, and mystery thrown into the plot. Intriguing plots against pretty much every character, who participates in the play, make it even more fascinating and exciting.

Unlikely for plays of the 16th century, “Much Ado About Nothing” finishes with a happy ending and two couples getting married. Despite the shame, criticism, lies, and fear to admit own weakness – our human desire to be happy overrides.

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