Number the Stars Study Guide

Number the Stars Study Guide

Original title:
Number the Stars
February 9th 1998 by Dell Yearling (first published 1989)
Denmark, 1943
ISBN 0440227534 (ISBN13: 9780440227533)

Lois Lowry wrote “Number the Stars” in 1989. The book talks about a Jewish family who, just like many other Jews, found themselves entrapped in Copenhagen during the Second World War. The story is based on real events as the author undertook a couple of trips to Denmark for conducting research. The text is written as a child’s book that talks about sad events from the perspective that young readers can understand and appreciate.

The plot opens in 1943 in Copenhagen, where in a middle of the World War II a young girl Annemarie Johansen lives. She has a loving family who also is in good relationship with their neighbors and the Jewish community in town. At that time numerous Jewish families have relocated to Sweden under the attempts of different activists to help Danish Jews escape concentration camps.

Despite being only 10 years of age, Annemarie makes the effort to try to understand the war. She asks questions, such as why they were stopped by Germans on the way to school, why the shops of their neighbors (who happen to be Jewish) close. Johansen family takes in Annemarie’s friend, Ellen, whose family left in an unknown direction some time ago. When the Germans come to their house, they pretend that Ellen is their elder daughter that died a couple of years ago.

Under the pretense of a funeral, the group of Resistance activists manages to put some Jews in the boat and take them to Sweden. They encounter challenges along the way but their courage and determination only intensify with them.

Through the eyes of young girl, Lois Lowry manages to tell a story of brave Danish activists who have risked their own lives trying to save the lives of their friends. It doesn’t make it any less sad, but it adds another perspective to the story of the World War II that should be known and remembered by everyone.

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