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Global Mental Health

Global mental health is the international view on different aspects of mental health. It is the area of study, research, and practice for all people worldwide that places importance on improving mental health and accomplishing fairness in mental health.  From Global mental health research...

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Social Psychology

Implicit bias may operate outside of awareness, hidden from those who have it, but the discrimination that it produces can be clearly visible to researchers, and almost certainly also clearly visible to those who are disadvantaged by it. (Banaji, Greenwald, 2013 pg. 209) Social perspectives allow...

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The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat

The Man who mistook his wife for a hat presents the journey of a neuropsychologists and shows the personal relationship that he has created with his patients. The book is an inside look at how the human brain functions, with emphasis on neurological/psychological disorders as the tragedy of losing...

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Scientific Experiment To Study The Gender Related Difference

ABSTRACT The study used the University of Ghana, Department of Psychology both the main and city campus as the research setting. The population was the level 400 students offering cognitive psychology. To serve as a sample, a total of 210 students were chosen and put into 70 participants each for...

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Impostor Syndrome

Introduction The term impostor syndrome (IS) was first described by Clance and Imes in (1978). Individuals with the Impostor syndrome practise strong feelings that their achievements are unfair and worry that they are likely to be exposed as a fraud Therefore, IP is a set of feelings of fear, doubt...

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