Snow Falling on Cedars Study Guide

Snow Falling on Cedars Study Guide

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Snow Falling on Cedars

Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson is primarily a detective story that features the case of a fisherman possibly murdered by his colleague and former friend amidst the storm. Almost everyone is convinced that the suspect, an American Japanese named Kabuo Miyamoto is guilty of it. But as the story unwinds, we understand that there is much more behind the ordinary investigation. We learn the story of the American Japanese people sent into camps during and after the World War II and their lives disrupted for nothing. This, and the unrequited love crossed by the war, caused a rivalry between the two families, an American and a Japanese one that lasted for two generations. In court everyone has to speak about the case, revealing deep family secrets that laid buried for dozens of years. Everyone was considering their own goals first, but altogether it combined into the story of constant offenses and unfair treatment from the both sides.

The bigoted attitude to Japanese people is also clearly seen during the trial. The main character, Kabuo, has much trouble defending himself because of his nationality. Moreover, the reputation of his family works against him: he has to settle down a conflict with his former friend and representative of the other family and, finally, end the feud. At the same time, he is considered to be a proud Japanese (despite being a mere sailor) and is almost expected to end the conflict in another way: by murdering its second participant.

The heartbreaking stories of several personal lives shattered and tangled by the deportation are connected to the main plotline: the murder itself. The witnesses and relatives have to conduct their own investigation, risking their lives, reputation and property to prove the innocence of Kabuo and convince the jury and the judge.

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