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Technology Study Guide

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What Is Cybersecurity?

Cyber security is the protection of confidential information and security of networks together with the computer from unapproved right of entry What Is Cybersecurity All About? Not only cyber security is based on defending devices and networks from unapproved right to use but also focuses on being...

Phishing Detection And Defence

Abstract—This surveys the literature on the detection and defence of phishing. The attack target vulnerabilities that exist in the system due to human factor . The phishing is the frequent technique  that is used over the internet to device user with the goal of extracting their...

Motorola GP338 Plus Display Radio

The GP338 ensures that there is clear communication by the additional features which ensures that it meets the increasing communication demands Features MDC1200 Signaling Extreme of 128 channels to organist work groups with ease and efficiency 14-Character Alpha Numeric Dot-Matrix Display An easy...

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