The Good Earth Study Guide

The Good Earth Study Guide

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The Good Earth

The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck was a bestseller of its time and played a prominent part in getting its author the Nobel Prize for literature. A family drama set in China before the World War I, this book showed the readers the Chinese culture, struggles and hopes, their ideas and worldview. The popularity of the novel also helped Americans during the World War II see the Chinese people as allies, because lots of them have read The Good Earth before and already felt sympathy for the Chinese.

The story protagonist, a young Chinese man called Wang Lung is kind and noble person, ready to work hard to provide his future family with food. His future wife, a slave girl called O-Lan lives nearby, being a property of a rich and hedonistic family that is slowly degrading due to laziness and drug dependency. O-Lan works as hard as Wang Lung to buy herself out and get some land so she and Wang Lung can leave peacefully. But when the couple finally achieves their goal to be together, the war starts. They both survive through countless horrors, even not seeing the war itself. Wang Lung has to hide to avoid being conscripted, O-Lan has to adapt to the industrial environment, realizing that she doesn’t know how to earn for living in the city.

The couple tries to live up to the moral standards they sincerely believe to, but the conditions become dire and the choice is now surrendering the morals or dying of hunger.

The story of the family of Wang Lung and O-Lan shows us how horribly can the war change people. We see the fates of the next generation of the family and can only wonder if the House of Hwang - the family O-Lan was a slave of - have survived through similar horrors that eroded their morals and finally brought them to their end.

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