The Hobbit Study Guide

The Hobbit Study Guide

Original title:
The Hobbit : or There and Back Again
Published August 15th 2002 by Houghton Mifflin (first published September 21st 1937)
ISBN 0618260307 (ISBN13: 9780618260300)

Not everybody knows that Tolkien first wrote “The Hobbit” and only then started working on the “Lord of the Rings”. It wasn’t his first text, but it brought together the author’s memories of the World War I, knowledge of philology, ancient myths, as well as the characters from previous stories.

The full title of the book is “The Hobbit, or There and Back Again”. Published in 1937 and positively received at that time, this fantasy novel caused a lot of unrest again in the 21st century when the plot was put into a legendary movie. It now has numerous adaptation versions and print editions translated into dozens of languages. 

The story is set to happen in a mystic time before the Dominion of Men. Hospital and kind Bilbo Baggins is about to go on a long trip full of adventures and personal challenges. Without agreeing to it (at least openly), he hosted a party for dwarves and became their burglar on the quest to regain what once was theirs.

Despite the epic context, the book is a real fairy tale admired by both children and adults. It’s a kind, light-hearted, fascinating and mystique story, funny in some parts and sad and even dark in the others. But for some reason the author’s writing style keeps the reader confident that the dawn will arrive and everything will be alright. The good will always win over the bad. Because the good always wins. 

Some might say that the book is centered around war and its culmination is the Battle of Five Armies. Others disagree saying that it’s about heroism and wisdom of standing up to a fight at a right time and avoiding it where possible. It teaches us that to be strong doesn’t mean to be rude, to be smart doesn’t mean cheating, to be a friend doesn’t mean taking advantage of one another. 

Unique creatures, specific surroundings, long stories, sinister territories and cruel intentions… Experience the sides of your personality and grow your character together with “The Hobbit”. 

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