The Jungle Study Guide

The Jungle Study Guide

Original title:
The Jungle
Published April 1st 2003 by See Sharp Press (first published 1906)
Chicago, Illinois(United States)
Illinois(United States)
ISBN 1884365302 (ISBN13: 9781884365300)

Rudyard Kipling carefully made, almost out of tropical lianas and vines, a story of times called “The Jungle Book”. It is about friendship, love, and betrayal. Yet it is easy to read due to all the exotic creatures and the celebration of life that takes place in a middle of an untouched jungle forest.

Mowgli isn’t just a boy abandoned by a civilization and brought up by animal world. He is a child who encounters new things, learns the lessons of life and gets to know what morality is both in theory and in practice. He is an example of human interaction with animals and how we can learn from each other.

Almost everybody knows the first three stories of Mowgli. But not everybody has read further and discovered the whole range of characters and adventures. They will keep even the adult readers fascinated and involved. The wolves are so dangerous yet so loyal, the Shere Khan tiger is majestic and wise, Baloo the bear is friendly and kind.

With this novel by Rudyard Kipling, the world becomes a smaller place. A white seal is traveling the globe and the mindset of readers expands to imagine the things that aren’t common. The author plays with geography, traditions, morals, and virtues.

It is a book for all ages and cultures. It is a very grown-up book. There’s a little bit of irony in the text, complex allusions in the plot, deep social context in each event. And all this is packed in what seems to be a fairy tale with lots of colorful animal characters. In the later stories, such as “Her Majesty's Servants”, the reader discovers the society with its norms and rules in a small vivid example of military camp animals.

Today the readers are spoiled by time travel plots, fantasies, mystique lords and advanced robots. Yet the story of a boy brought up by animals is still relevant even hundred of years after its publishing. All because the core things are eternal and remain the same. Explore the essence of life with “The Jungle Book”.

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