The Lord of the Rings Study Guide

The Lord of the Rings Study Guide

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The Lord of the Rings

A legendary sequel written by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien is now one of the most read and best sold books of all times. It’s hard to believe that such rich concepts were developed in 1937 and 1949 when Internet and cinematography wasn’t as much of an influence. It’s a mere product of imagination of a man who has always been fond of ancient history, philology, comparison studies, mythology and religion.

Continuing the plot first started at “The Hobbit” novel and using the concepts developed long before that in “Silmarillion” stories, the epic events of the “Two Towers”, “The Fellowship of the Ring” and the “Return of the King” took over the minds and hearts of people who can read in 38 different languages.

The protagonist of the story, Dark Lord Sauron, was incredibly thirsty for power, obsessed with dominating the land and beating the other forces present on the landscape. In order to achieve that mission he brought the mightiest of all might together and created the Ring so omnipotent that it could have ruined the world with one wish. It had a supreme virtue over other rings and caused a lot of unrest in the Middle-Earth.

How small is a man on the landscape of political battlefield, how big is a pure desire to do right? For those who know how to look beneath the simple plot the story reveals deep concepts of friendship, love, justice and sacrifice.

Despite the fact that Tolkien’s book isn’t a history recollection and not even a scientific research project, the books have served as a source of historic inspiration and knowledge to millions of people around the world. The story is no fairy tale; it’s a completely new myth about the prehistory of the world as we know it today.

Those who know the beauty of a good fantasy will enjoy reading and rereading the “Lord Of The Rings” even after seeing the movies a couple of times. It’s classic, it’s epic, it’s eloquent and fascinating. Definitely worth reading.

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