The Notebook Study Guide

The Notebook Study Guide

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The Notebook

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is a simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking romantic story that has inspired lots of movie directors and given hope to countless people who don’t believe in lifelong love.

The story is quite trivial: an old man reads to a lady in the nursing home. What he reads seems to be a diary of a romantic relationship: from the very first acquaintance through the growing of their feelings, marriage and calm life full of love, respect and care. This seems to be just a sweet tale for the old lady to sleep peacefully, but a sudden turn of the plot makes it almost painfully bittersweet.

The Notebook is the story of love growing up together with the people who share that love. From a youthful passion and whirlwind of emotions it turns into mature and lasting feeling, that is just part of life of the couple. They live and grow old together, but this isn’t the final stage of the evolution of their love. It turns into something incomprehensibly beautiful, a feeling that includes into itself both the irrationality and recklessness of the young age and persistence of the adult life. This kind of love is much stronger than old age and any physical diseases, it seems that nothing on earth can shake such a divine feeling.

The Notebook denies any limits for love, showing its true sense: irrational, unconditional, eternal. The story of Noah and Allie comes to an end, but, despite all we, the mortal people, meet our end in the same way, for them it seems to be an ultimately happy one. If the love of Romeo and Juliet was consummated by death in a tragic way, in this story, the love of Noah and Ellie will also last until their very last breath, but their sufferings, turmoils and errors are all in the past. They are not afraid of death anymore. Still, they have some time to enjoy their pure, mutual and adamant feeling of love.

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