The Secret Life of Bees Study Guide

The Secret Life of Bees Study Guide

Original title:
The Secret Life of Bees
Published January 28th 2003 by Penguin Books (first published November 8th 2001)
United States of America
South Carolina(United States)
Tiburon, South Carolina,1964(United States)
ISBN 0142001740 (ISBN13: 9780142001745)

“The Secret Life of Bees” of the authorship of Sue Monk Kidd is a book about a 14-year old girl who lost her mother. It is a story about losses and gains, faith and forgiveness. It is also a story about people who have faced the tough decision of choosing what really matters.

Lily Melissa Owens still vaguely remembers the day when her mother died. Her father, T. Ray, treats her badly. The only person who is close to Lily, the family's maid Rosaleen, is in trouble for a conflict with some white men and Lily decides to run away with her. The adventure begins and the girls spend nights in the woods and have little food at their disposal.

The two ladies are on their way to a place called Tiburon. Its name was written on an image inherited by Lily from her mother. There they meet the Boatwrights family and learn the craft of making honey. They also find themselves exposed to a new form of religion and personal relationships. While meeting more and more new people, Lily opens up about her dreams but admits, that they are unreal to achieve. She also learns the sour truth about her mother's death and has to manage living with it.

The book talks about personal struggles, as well as racial and gender inequalities. The plot has examples of successful women who run their own business and are good at what they do. But it also has characters, who are entrapped in their social position. Despite the difficult topics, “The Secret Life of Bees” makes the reader believe in the humanity. The focus of the texts, the language, the descriptions of the characters are chosen just right to create a well-balanced and reassuring book.

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