Treasure Island Study Guide

Treasure Island Study Guide

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Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote “Treasure Island” in 1881. Once named a “boy’s book”, it received wide appraisal among general public as a great adventure novel. If you love pirates, gold hunt quests, secret maps, abundance of alcohol or crazy parties, tropical nature and exotic animals, then you will surely fall in love with the story.

Prepare to set on a colorful sea journey in the western England. Amazing atmosphere, very detailed characters, frequent scenes change and rich action plot makes the book a quick and easy read. Don’t forget that you find yourself at times when pirates dominated the Atlantic and nobody was safe once on the water. But don’t worry, your job isn’t to try to protect the commerce of trade. You are headed to a deserted island in the Caribbean to find a real treasure.

A young and careless Jim Hawkins thought that his life reached its peak of being interesting when a retired sailor settled at Admiral Benbow Inn and told him horrifying stories of the past every night. But it gets only more fun when sailor's ex colleagues start to hunt him. Then a fierce battle, courageous encounters and real friendships begin. Are you fit to survive under such circumstances? It’s high time to check it out.

The story bears relevance and interest for readers of any age. Younger ones will be excited to discover the mystery and exotic places, while older audience will appreciate the depth of a personality conflict, ponder upon human habits to live in a society and escape loneliness, as well as enjoy believable descriptions of English 18th century life reality.

Sounds interesting? Then grab a good pirate vocabulary, charge your imagination and start reading. Forget about time – thirst for adventure is eternal and the book will be loved and sold even a thousand years after us.

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