White Fang Study Guide

White Fang Study Guide

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White Fang

White Fang is one of the most famous novels by Jack London and definitely his most famous novel about the wildlife. It tells us the story of a wolf cub, who was raised in the wild but then tamed by the people. White Fang lived a harsh life of a service dog and then a fighting one, until a kind-hearted man bought him and tried to rehabilitate the stressed and injured wolf and adjust him to the life without pain and need to fight for survival.

What really makes White Fang a magnificent story is the way the author portrayed the protagonist. We see the story from the point of view of a wolf, but London avoids showing him as too humane and capable of human feelings. White Fang definitely can feel, but his psychics is one of the animal, not of the human being. There are some decisions taken by him, his parents or other dogs that can’t be accepted or even understood by humans and evaluated as bad or good. They are made by the primal instinct that helped wolves survive for the thousands of years. This fact makes the behaviour of some people even more horrible. The wolf, who doesn’t know anything about morals, good and evil, sometimes acts nobler than human beings who make others suffer for their own amusement or encourage the rivalry between the dogs, using it to their benefit.

The second part of the book is incredibly heartwarming, while we follow White Fang in his process of rehabilitation. We see that he becomes capable of much stronger and more complicated emotions, that were suppressed by the sole survival instinct before. The wolf expresses gratitude and, still being a wild animal, tries to repay his new owner for his kindness. White Fang is as devoted to his new family as is any living being saved from the slavery and unbearable existence. And in the end, he pays his debt fully.

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