Aaron Trask

Aron is one of the twin sons of Cathy and Adam Trask. Aaron looks simple and innocent compared to his dark brother. While Cal is hungry for his father's attention, Aaron wants love for his mother. He allows his girlfriend Abra to join her mother and admits that he is experiencing "wordless yearning" for his mother (426). Perhaps Aron deeply blames his father for fear, which can explain the intensity of embarrassment he feels for Adam. After that, his skin becomes for Aaron completely uncomfortable, unpleasant. Aaron turns to the church and becomes religious. He decides to become an Episcopal pastor and even considers celibacy, to Avra's disappointment. His pious behavior brings problems into the relationship with Abra; she cannot justify her expectations. Over time, Avra ​​understands that Aaron does not love her; rather, he loves an idealized version of her that exists only in his head - just as Adam did with Cathy. Aron is too heavy. Aaron collapses when faced with the reality of Cathy. The fact that the blood of a corrupt prostitute is flowing in his veins is too much for him. Although he was killed shortly after the confrontation, readers should wonder whether Aron managed to recover from a heavy blow.

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