East of Eden Study Guide

East of Eden Study Guide

Original title:
East of Eden
2002 by Penguin Books (first published September 1952)
California (United States)
ISBN 0142000655 (ISBN13: 9780142000656)

Are you looking for a good Novel Prize winner book that is not too well known, but still impeccable? You found it! John Steinbeck wrote this novel for his two sons and didn’t expect in 1952, when the book was published, that it would be so widely acclaimed by the audience from all over the world. 

The story revolts around two American families of Samuel Hamilton and Adam Trask. They both move to the Salinas Valley in California. Adam is madly in love and married to an ex-prostitute Cathy who managed to sleep with his brother on the night of their wedding. She wants to leave her husband and even tried to get rid of his baby. The attempt fails and the couple ends up having two twin sons. Adam continues to love his wife even when she shoots him and leaves the babies for continuing to live the careless life she is used to. 

Samuel Hamilton, on the other hand, is happily married to a strict lady named Liza who loves him back. They have nine kids and are a well-respected family in the Salinas community. Samuel tried to protect Adam and his sons from trouble by not telling them that Cathy now runs a local brothel. After so many years Adam visits Cathy at the brothel and finally realizes that that woman has no more power over him. 

It is a notable book with a very developed network of characters. The contrast between two families and then inside the family members makes the reader think about the fate and one’s power over the destiny.

Steinbeck openly proclaimed “East of Eden” his best work that is a culmination of everything he has created before. It is a quintessence of simple writing style and the beauty of the descriptions. So let’s discover this masterpiece!

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