Abbé Faria

Abbé Faria is a character whom we meet in the prison where Edmond was closed. Edmond has a chance to meet this man who helps him to change his thoughts and creates a plan of further life. Faria is a priest and his ability to think and find the options of the answers is brilliant. Being in the same prison, he spends lots of the time with Dantès and becomes his intellectual instructor. He helps Edmond to find the willingness to the learning and teaches him art, science, history, and lots of languages. Abbé Faria is the person who makes the most efforts for Edmond to become another person.
Abbé Faria is imprisoned for his political ideas but never stops writing his works and sticks to his opinions until the end of his life. He did not escape the prison and was forced to die for his ideas, but he does not die in Edmond’s heart. His influence on Dantès could not be underestimated. After his escape from the prison, Edmond has become a different person, and it is the result of Faria’s efforts. However, Abbé Faria says that he regrets of the results he received in Edmond. He states that his teaching has filled Dantès with the thirst for revenge he has never experienced before.

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