The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexander Dumas wrote “The Count of Monte Cristo” in 1844 and it instantly became hugely popular among the public. Together with his other famous book, “The Three Musketeers”, it won a place in the world literature heritage forever.

The events of the book happen in Italy and France during the Restoration area of the beginning of the 19th century. A young Edmond Dantes is enjoying his perfect life. He has a great career, is engaged to a beautiful girl and has lots of friends. Throughout the book, we meet his friends, some of which are quite envious of their successful counterpart. 

All of the sudden the protagonist is accused of treason. There are some grounds to it: without hidden intent for political chaos, Dantes is carrying a letter from Napoleon to a group of people in France. He is arrested on the day of his wedding. Luckily the prosecutor realizes the cowardice of the plan but it’s Dantes honesty that makes the situation worse. The prosecutor put his own interests over justice and sentenced Dantes for a life in prison. 

Dantes finds himself in a most strict and severe prison in the country. He is surrounded by the most dangerous criminals. But he also meets political prisoners, that teach him a lot of things about life. Throughout prison time, Dantes acquires new knowledge of the world and life. He is now a much better educated man. He also knows about a treasure on an island and sets on a dangerous adventure to find it. 

With the money of the treasure, the young man is now back disguised as a priest and takes on a revenge quest. He exposes the dark secrets of his enemies but also helps those in financial need. 

The book is a jewel worth discovering for many reasons: it is a great historic recollection of one of the most important periods of European history. It is also an encyclopedia of the morals of those times, including the justice, great aspirations, and forgiveness.

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