Adam Trask

Adam came to the world in 1862 on a farm in Connecticut as a father, the first wife of Cyrus. He is brought up by the second wife of Alice. Cyrus considers him not so strong and wise as his brother Charles. He was a calm, obedient child, evading conflict and violence. Not knowing what to do next, he returns to the army. It was released in San Francisco in 1890. When he returns to the farm, Charles tells him about his heritage. Adam remains with Charles for several years on the farm. After he became restless, he traveled the world for many months, especially when he and Charles claimed. Adam is not happy with the continuation of life on the farm and talks about moving to California, which further irritates Charles. When Katie comes to her doorstep after beating Mr. Edwards, Adam takes it and looks at it. He suggests that she get better, and soon they got married. Adam and his new bride move to Salinas, California. His intention is to build a new "Eden" where he can create a lasting legacy for his family. Unfortunately, Adam completely deceived his personality. When she shoots at him and leaves with her newborn twins, Adam falls into hopeless dizziness. By this time, the guys have already suffered for good. Both seek the acceptance of the father and mother and begin an internal struggle, reinforcing, on the one hand, Cal's perception of Aron's preferences and Aron's embarrassment in his father's unsuccessful business. In the end, Adam repeated his father's mistake, which led to a split between his two sons. It seems that he has redeemed himself on his deathbed, having forgiven and having accepted Cal, who all his life has separated from his emotionally estranged father.

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