Anne Steele

Anne Steele is a minor character of the novel that is described by the author as an elder sister of a mean and self-confident Lucy Steele. Despite the fact that this woman is approximately thirty years old, she seems to live in her own fantasy world that is different to the real one. Anne Steele usually does not follow different social norms and is known for her vulgar behavior. What is more, according to some people, she is quite awkward, insensitive, and experiences a lack of a good taste. Anne Steele usually asks Lucy for a piece of advice and is often criticized by her. Thus, the younger sister has a tendency to disapprove of Anne’s boyfriends and her clothes, pointing out all the faults of the older sister that is considered to be not adapted socially. Like the majority of girls, she is a gossip; nonetheless, the girl keeps her sister’s secret as long as it is possible and regrets about telling it to the other people. Being curious about the personal life of different individuals, Anne usually listens to doors and repeats the heard information in public. In this way, the problems with social adaptation only continue to grow, making the life of both sisters full of problems and challenges.

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