Anthony Marston

The first and foremost thing that should be mentioned is the fact that Agatha Christie depicted Anthony Marston as an attractive, wealthy, and spontaneous playboy who does not care about anyone except himself. What is more important, this individual lacks the senses of empathy and compassion for the people surrounding him. Another point that should be discussed is the physical appearance of this character. On the pages of her best-seller, Agatha Christie wrote, “Several young women looked at him admiringly – his six feet of the well-proportioned body, his crisp hair, tanned face, and intensely blue eyes.” Thanks to his physical attractiveness, he is able to catch the attention of everyone.In accordance with the plot of the novel, this character was the first victim of the Judge Lawrence Wargrave. In this case, on the Indian Island, Anthony Marston was punished was the terrible crime he had committed several years ago. At that time, this young petrolhead killed two children while driving his car at great speed. As a result of this accident, John Combes and Lucy Combes died. The important thing that should be mentioned is the fact that Anthony did not admit his responsibility for the death of both kids. What is more important, he did not feel guilty for committing this crime. 

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Anthony Marston in the Essays