And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None

Prepare to explore the depth of contemporary mystery writing with “And Then There Were None” written by the legendary Agatha Christie. It is the most known and the best-selling novel of the author. The book is also known under the title of “Ten Little Niggers” which was changed due to the technicalities of the publishing adaption. 

A group of different people finds themselves on the island for different reasons. Some of them, like in case with Vera Claythorne, think that they will find a job there. The others, like William Blore and Philip Lombard, think that their task is to keep people from making any trouble. There are people who think they are visiting friends. Very soon they all understand that it is a trap. 

The owner of the estate, an unknown Mr. Owen, accuses them of a murder and from this point the punishment begins. As each of the guests thinks about his or her own past crimes, they are poisoned and murdered one by one. The more the reader gets to know the victims, the less we believe that they are innocent.

Among the guests, there are people who are selfish, arrogant, and fanatic. They are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the things they want. They abuse their social position, lie and manipulate. The greedy judges, the unfair policemen, the jealous generals, the doctors that cost their patients lives, the (not-so) caring nurses – they all have done something to deserve the punishment. 

The morals of the story are mixed with the mystery. How would you feel seeing a dining table from which one figure disappears every time somebody is killed? The rhyme of the story might be the key to the sequence of killings. The storm is keeping all boats from reaching the island. Or maybe it is the storm of emotions that caused this bad weather?

There are people who read this book for the pleasure of guessing the murderer. Others simply enjoy the suspense. In any case, it is a world’s best detective literature representative, so it’s worth discovering anyway. 

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