Bailey is Grandmother’s son and the father of June Star and John Wesley. In this book, he is described as being very impatient with his family. Nevertheless, he is a very nice boy, whom we like. He is a nice, smart and completely positive character.

At the beginning of the story, we see how Bailey is frazzled of the role of the family’s head. Of course, he loves his mother, wife, and children. Sometimes it even happens that his mom drove him crazy with her talking and judging.

Also, in this text, we, easily see how one accident can ruin everything. Once he gave his mother a promise that they will visit Florida, why did he do that? No one knows, as, according to the story, he didn’t have a naturally sunny disposition, and moreover all those trips made him nervous. So, exactly after that trip, they would never come back home. Exactly there, grandmother showed all her bad sides, and unfortunately, Bailey didn’t have even a chance to shut her. So, what did she do? When she recognized the Misfit and his buddies, she started saying it to them and teaching that they did wrong, that she will call the police and tell everything to them. Well, have you ever seen a guy who will wait for police and go to the jail in his own volition? So, you understand what happened next. As the grandmother was provoking criminals and Bailey couldn’t stop her, he and John Wesley were the first victims of the Misfit.

It is completely normal that after his son’s death she finally understands what an absurd behavior she had. Probably the scene with her crying was the only one where we will get sympathy to her as no one can handle with a feeling of their close relative death.

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