Bailey's Wife (the Mother)

From the name of the title we already know who we are going to talk about – the wife of Bailey. The Mother of the family is a good character as well, and from the very beginning, we see that their family lives in love (except for a very strange Grandmother). She was a completely nice woman, but she got criticized by the grandmother as everyone else. Most often she was criticized because of having lack opportunity to travel and to show kids the world in order to make their brains wider. Well, it seems completely normal, but at those times, this thing wasn’t so affordable to each family.

The Mother was described as a young woman in slacks, whose face was as broad and innocent as a cabbage. She isn’t the main hero of the story that is why she barely says something and does something important or significant to be mentioned or to influence any occasion.

When Bailey was going to the old plantation house with his family, the grandmother’s cat jumped on him, and that was the explanation of the car accident they got in. There, his wife breaks her shoulder.

Sad, but in this book, she didn’t have many lines, that is why we don’t feel anything to her. Yes, she was a good, calm and good mother for two elder kids and the baby. She didn’t play any role until she went to the forest with the June Star and the baby. There she was described as horribly upset humbly going to the forest with the killer. Unfortunately, we will sorry to her only because of the fact of such her and her kids’ death feeling the same emotions of fear and despair.

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