Banquo is a very brave and noble general. As said by the prediction of sisters, it is his kids who must receive the royal throne. Banquo trusts this divination is full of ambition, just like Macbeth. Hence, unlike Macbeth, he does absolutely nothing. He is a reproach to Macbeth because unlike him, he did not choose the way to infidelity the king. After death, he appears as a ghost, which is spattered with blood. The ghost is able to see only Macbeth, which greatly shocks him. The ghost reminded the king not only of his killing but also of the fact that he chose the wrong way.

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Banquo in the Essays

The Tragedy of Macbeth

The Tragedy Of Macbeth In The Tragedy of Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, there is a moral decline in each act. Macbeth is tricked by the three evil witches who want to see him fall. He kills his one and only loyal friend, he also kills the king. He tries to come back to humanity but goes...

Inner Conflicts in Macbeth

Inner conflicts in Macbeth Macbeth was challenged by his inner conflicts throughout the whole play. He was unsure about the murdering of King Duncan and his best friend Banquo. Also, his attitude towards Lady Macbeth changed several times. King Duncan was beloved of his nobles and citizens because...

Macbeth Study Guide

Scholars generally agree that the drama was written around 1606 because various references in the play correspond to events which occurred in that year. Many also believe that it was composed for a performance before King James I, who had a deep interest in witchcraft. Quite possibly the play was...

Essay about Good & Evil in Macbeth

Macbeth - Good and evil. The eternal struggle between good and evil is one of the central themes of the play Macbeth. The conflict between good and evil can be seen in the inner struggles of both Macbeth and Banquo. Macbeth chooses evil when he allies himself with the witches, yet he continues to...

Macbeth Importance of Ambition

Importance of Ambition In the play, Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, it is evident that ambition plays a very important role in the play. Ambition is when someone has a strong desire for success, achievement, or a goal. It is a motivating factor that drives one towards success. This is a...

Macbeth's Corruption and Downfall

Macbeth's Corruption and Downfall In this essay i will explain and give examples of how Macbeth is corrupted by power and as he is incompetant to become king. I will describe how Macbeth is driven to his downfall and how his life falls apart piece by piece. In Macbeth Shakespeare pesents three...